RIKEN KEIKI RX-8500 Portable Multigas Monitor.

The Riken Keiki RX-8500 multigas monitor suitable for applications aboard LNG and Crude Oil Tankers.

A compact but robust designed monitor.


The unit is supplied with standard accessories, Shoulder strap, fixing belt for filter tube, CO2 Removal Filter for calibration of CO2, Fixing Belt for XO2 removal filter, filter tube and junction tube, sampling probe and gas sampling tube, AC adaptor and Li-ion Battery unit.

Riken Keiki RX-8500 Series Portable Multi Gas Monitors for Oil and LNG
The Riken Keiki RX-8500 Series Portable Multi Gas Monitors are designed for measuring multiple gases in inert or air atmospheres. Their main application is aboard Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) and Crude Oil marine tankers. They also find uses in Oil storage depots, Tank farms, Petrochemical plants and Oil refineries. They replace and improve upon the very successful RX-515/516/517 family.

RX-8500 series users typically use them to measure gas concentrations in tanks or piping during inerting/purging and tank maintenance work. Their advanced sensor technology gives accurate gas measurement even in Nitrogen (N2) and other inert environments.

There are two versions of the instrument in the series.
The RX-8500 is designed specifically for Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) carriers. It has IR sensors for Methane (CH4) 0 – 100% LEL and 0 – 100% Volume( Autoranging). Carbon Dioxide (CO2) 0-20% Volume as well as an Electro-Chemical sensor for Carbon Monoxide (CO) 0-1000ppm. A Galvanic Sensor for Oxygen with a 0-40% Volume range is also included.

Auto-ranging Technology :
The RX-8500 Series has accurate measurement over the entire range of target hydrocarbons up to 100% by volume. Users benefit from dual auto-ranging technology that allows the instruments to automatically switch from a 0 – 100% LEL to a 0 – 100% volume range.

The RX-8500 Series has an internal pump that samples at 750ml per minute. The RX8500 has a clear and intuitive digital display. The Instruments are explosion and intrinsically safe and are ATEX as well as MED approved.

The RX-8500 Series has a compact and lightweight but very robust design. They are powered by a Lithium Ion battery pack. This gives over 15 hours of continuous operation as well as being quick to charge.

The RX-8500 series has additional features that include Pilot and pump driving indicator, activating confirmation beep (1 minute intervals) and Bump Test function. Users have IrDA communications and Password Protection also available. Data logger software is available as an option.

Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) storage vessel gas monitoring
Crude Oil Tanker storage tank gas monitoring
Oil and LNG storage depots
Tank Farms
Petrochemical plants


Unit Price

Technical Information

  • Dual range detection of CH4 or HC in % vol and %LEL
  • Unique gas combinations : CH4/O2/CO/CO2 and HC/O2/H2S
  • Accurately measure CH4 or HC from inerted tanks with infrared sensor.
  • High Range H2S (0-1000ppm) available.
  • Robust and intrinsically safe design
  • Long lasting and fast charging Lithium Ion battery.
  • Pilot and pump driving indicator
  • Activating confirmation signal.
  • Bump test function.
  • IrDA communications.