MSA ALTAIR 5X MULTIGAS - Coal Carrier Version

The ALTAIR 5X Gas Detector with delivers faster response time, better stability, accuracy, longer service life, and cost savings over the life of the instrument.

Monochrome Display. Methane 0-100% LEL,Oxygen 0-30%VOL, CO 0-1999PPM & H2S 0-200PPM, Methane 0-100%VOL.

Large buttons and bright display enable quick and easy operation even while wearing gloves

If a user becomes disabled due to unforeseen hazards, the Motion Alert sensor will activate after 30 seconds

The Instant Alert feature enables users to manually alert others of a dangerous situation with the push of a button

Compatible with Galaxy Test System GX2

Global approvals for worldwide acceptance

For mining and confined space applications

Withstands extreme impacts with rugged polycarbonate housing and passes a 3m drop test

The IP65-rated the ALTAIR 5X is both dust-tight and water-tight

Part Number: A-ALT5XATK01L0E00C


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