The Fluke 28 II Ex digital multimeter is an intrinsically safe digital multimeter designed for troubleshooting in dangerous or explosive environments.

A completely sealed, IP67 rated case
Dustproof per IEC60529 IP6x and waterproof per IEC60529 IPx7
Meets IEC/EN Overvoltage Electrical Safety Standard No. 61010-1:2001

The Fluke 28-II EX multimeter the place of the old Fluke 87-V EX, it can be used in IIC (gas) Zone 1 & 2 and IIIC (dust) Zone 21 & 22. Whether you work in chemical, pharmaceutical and petroleum environments, the Fluke 28II-EX has all the features needed for testing and troubleshooting.

With its IP67 rating, MSHA approvals (pending), extended operating temperature range and the ability to withstand a 3 metre drop, the Fluke 28-II is the ideal choice for users who need a robust and long lasting meter. This digital multimeter will also withstand hazardous 8000V spikes caused by load switching and faults on industrial circuits it also fully complies with 2nd Edition IEC and ANSI electrical safety standards.

Fluke 28-II multimeter key features:

* IP67 Dustproof and waterproof protection
* Withstands a 3 Metre Drop
* True RMS AC measurements
* 6000 Count digital display
* Dual Level Backlight
* Illuminated Keypad
* Reversible rubber holster
* Built-In thermometer
* Resistance, Continuity & Diode Test
* Min / Max / Average Recording
* Improved sleep mode for long battery life
* Relative mode to remove test lead resistance from low ohms measurements
* Auto and manual ranging
* CATIII 1000V / CAT IV 600V Safety rating

The Fluke 28-II multimeter is supplied with:

* TL75 Test Leads
* AC72 Alligator Clips
* 80BK-A Temperature Probe
* Red Rubber Holster
* Instruction Manual
* Batteries
* Information on CD ROM

Part number: FLUKE 28-II EX


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