The Sense-WARE T 229/4P flame detector test lamp activates UV, IR and UV/IR flame detectors which detect in the 185-235 nm UV and 4.4 IR frequency ranges. Normally the test lamp is not suitable for dual IR flame detectors and the test lamp is not specified for latter type of flame detectors. However in several cases, with some additional instructions, probably also a dual IR detector can be tested.

* Universal
* Able to select Continuous mode for UV and Pulsing mode for IR and UV/IR
* UV detector can check up to 8 meters (26 ft)
* IR and UV/IR flame detector checks up to 4 meters (13 ft)
* Universal charger 100-240 Vac with pins for US, EU, GB en AU
* Optional Carrying Case Available
* The T-229/4P Flame detector Test Lamp activates UV, IR en UV/IR Flame detector equipment that work at 185-235
nm UV and wide band IR radiation
* For use in safe areas only

Ask IM&M Ltd if your flame detector can be tested with the T-229/4P. Virtually all UV, IR and UV/IR flame detectors can be tested with the T-229/4P with the exception of most dual IR (IR/IR) or triple IR (IR/IR/IR – IR3) flame detectors.

PN TC-229/4P


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