No pipetting, no drips, no timing, with the Dräger DrugTest® 5000, a drug test is carried out easily and quickly. The collected saliva sample can be analyzed immediately - for accurate results on the spot. Collecting an oral fluid sample is quick and easy with the Drager DrugTest 5000. The system consists of the sampling system Drager Drug Test 5000 and the analyser Drager Drug Test 5000 Analyser

* Drug test with sampling and analysis in one system - The drug tester, Dräger DrugTest® 5000, consists of the sampling system Dräger DrugTest 5000 Test Kit and of the analyzer, Dräger DrugTest 5000 Analyzer. Whether for point-of-care or on-site testing, this system provides you with everything you need for the first screening. You will know, on the spot, if a person is influenced by drugs.

* Ready to use immediately with the test kit - The Dräger DrugTest 5000 test kit provides you with a ready-to-use sampling system. Do you want to check a suspected person? Just remove the cover and give the test cassette over to the person being tested and they then collect the sample themselves.

* Easy, safe operation – even under adverse conditions, when it becomes hectic: you control the analyzer with only three keys. The operation is menu-driven. Just follow the plain text instructions.

* Hygienic and painless when collecting a saliva (oral fluid) sample - The tested person moves the top part of the collector briefly back and forth between their cheek and gums until the integrated indicator signals the end of the sampling by a blue discoloration. This usually takes less than one minute but never more than four minutes. The tested person then returns the encapsulated cassette to you – thus ensuring no contact with the saliva sample.

* Clear results with no room for misinterpretation - The measured result is showed in plain text on the instrument screen. Misinterpretations are nearly impossible. More details can be added to the results via the external keyboard, stored or directly printed via the Dräger Mobile Printer (optional).

* High degree of conformity

* Extremely low detection limit for THC, as the main ingredient of cannabis

* Clear results display

* Hygienic sampling and analysis

* Easy to use

* Can be used at temperatures between 4 and 40 degrees C

* Complies with the in vitro diagnostic directive relevant for the member states of the EU

* Conforms to the 98 79 EC directive and ISO 13485 requirements

* Reliable medicine and drug screening - The system can detect the following up to eight substances / substance classes with predefined detection limits (cutt-offs):Amphetamines, Benzodiazepines, Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC (cannabis)), Cocaine, Methamphetamines, Opiates, Methadone, Ketamine

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