Update to IMO Safety Regulations on Ships

Update to IMO Safety Regulations on Ships


Safety on Ships

Enclosed Space Recommendations for the New SOLAS Regulations X1-1/7

Confined spaces are particularly common on vessels, from cargo holds, pump rooms, bulkheads, compressor rooms, chain lockers and cofferdams to sewage tanks and other enclosed spaces. All of these present potential deadly risks and hazards as they are prone to having oxygen deficiency, or presence of flammable or toxic atmospheric gases.

In the wake of a number of preventable deaths on board vessels due to unsafe atmospheric gases, the aim of the update to the legislation is to ensure you have the necessary awareness, training and detection instruments to test enclosed / confined spaces from the outside to make sure they are safe to enter.

As a minimum these instruments should be capable of measuring oxygen, flammable gases or vapours, hydrogen sulphide and carbon monoxide prior to entry into enclosed spaces.


What do you currently have on board to be compliant?

At IM&M, it is our priority to ensure you have the tools, training and equipment to keep your crew safe. If you are unsure about how the updated regulations will impact your current gas detection safety procedures, please call IM&M on +44 (0) 114 285 3040 or send us an enquiry form here so that we can offer you further support.


For more information on this legislation, we would also like to recommend the following sources


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