The Fastest Way to Repair a Pipe Under Pressure!

The Fastest Way to Repair a Pipe Under Pressure!

Better By Design in 6 Ways:

  1. 5X Faster
  2. EASY to Install
  3. NO TOOLS required
  4. ONE PERSON installation
  5. ONE CLAMP covers a range of diameters

Introducing, Rapid response clamp in 4 variants:

  • COMMERCIAL - Up to pressure of 150 PSI (10 Bar)
  • MILSPEC - Up to pressures of 300 PSI (20 Bar)
  • HP 40 - Up to a pressure of 600 PSI (40 Bar)
  • SDR11 - Specifically designed to repair damaged PE (Polyethylene) Pipework

The fastest method to repair a pipe under pressure. The VPG Rapid Response Clamp was engineered to contain leakage from damaged pipework under pressure faster, with less potential for harm to the operator than all competitive systems on the market.

Available in four standard widths of 70, 148, 210, and 272mm (2.75", 5.6", 8.25" and 10.7"). Select a clamp width a minimum 32mm (1.25") wider than the damage to pipe that you are repairing.

A major design advantage is that each clamp covers a wide diameter range. Only 8 different sizes are required to span the standard range 38mm to 930mm.

Available in:

Nitrile (STD): Nitrile standard seal suits 90% of applications. Suitable for a wide range of fuels and chemicals to 115C. Also suitable for potable water.

Viton: Required for steam applications and fluid / gas/ steam temperatures between 115C and 260C

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