Safety in Confined Spaces

Safety in Confined Spaces

What is a Confined Space?


A confined space is an enclosed or partially enclosed space that:

  • Is not primarily or intended for human occupancy, such as an engine room or a sewer.
  • Has a restricted entrance or exit because of its location, size etc
  • Can represent a risk to the health of anyone who enters


Problems With Confined Spaces: 

There are still too many instances where lives have been lost due to not following the correct health and safety procedures. A major problem with entering confined spaces is that employees acquire a false sense of security from entering other confined spaces in the past and experienced no problems.


Taking Precautions: 

Your safety is priority. Here are two simple ways to take precautions when entering confined spaces. 

      1. TEST: 

When entering a confined space, it is important to firstly test the atmosphere outside using fully functional and calibrated equipment. 

      2.  MONITOR: 

Always wear a portable gas detection meter while working in the confined space. As a minimum these instruments should be capable of measuring oxygen, flammable gases or vapours, hydrogen sulphide and carbon monoxide. Please contact IM&M directly for more advice on gas monitoring equipment


Improving Safety in Confined Spaces

What gas detection equipment do you have in place to make sure your people are SAFE when working in these types of environments?

IM&M is a leading Sheffield based providing safety and gas detection supplies to safety conscious companies across the UK. Our dedicated, certified, calibration laboratory is fully equipped to service repair and calibrate most portable gas detection and other key safety equipment to make sure it is fully functional, when you need it If you are seeking a company that:

  • Can help you to improve your overall safety, reduce costs, add value and protect your most important assets
  • Offer high levels of customer service and 24/7 technical assistance


If you would like to talk about the equipment used to monitor safety in confined spaces or other safety monitoring equipment, please come and talk to us, we would welcome discussing your specific safety requirements with you. We can be found at Trident House, Baxter Road, Sheffield, S6 1JF, or alternatively, please call us on +44 (0) 114 285 3040.