Website Launch

Website Launch

We are extremely pleased to be launching our new full services website that now includes a number of interesting sections that will benefit both prospective and existing customers. 

Key Features:

  • A bright and cheerful site that is colour coded for different industry sectors, therefore making it easy to navigate
  • Help improve our Product and Service offering to the Marine Industry
  • The website coincides with the launch of IM&M Industrial that will cater for customers in the Industrial, Civils & Utilities and Food & Beverage sectors
  • Allows easy access to our range of Gas Detection training
  • Informs customers of IM&M’s Service and Calibration role
  • Includes a Meter Tracker Facility, and of course
  • Our new Online Shop which will enable customers to view the range of products and services available and to hopefully increase the speed in which we can make new products available to you

Alongside our new website, please note that we have also rebranded! You may recognise our old brand: 

old logo

However, we hope you prefer our new brand: 

IM&M gas detection safety equipment specialists logo


Let us know which you prefer by messaging IM&M on Twitter.

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