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How do you know the weight of an item?

June, 30th 12:00 AM in Marine

Let us take the load! An introduction to load monitoring products!

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PAT Testing, how safe is your work place?

May, 10th 12:00 AM in Marine

What is PAT Testing and why does it matter?

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Cost Effective, Transmission Risk, Area CO2 Monitor!

September, 9th 12:00 AM 2021 in Marine

A monitor that alerts when conditions are present which increase the risk of exposure to airborne transmission risk based on CO2 and activity levels.

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Safe handling of Hydrogen Sulphide can save lives!

July, 13th 12:00 AM 2021 in Marine

H2S is one of the most dangerous gases found in the oil and gas industry. Even today there are regular occurrences of injuries and death due to H2S exposure. It is important to have proper knowledge and training on how to detect it, how to protect yourself and what to do in case of high concentration exposure.

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Safe, effective and uncomplicated escape from hazardous areas.

November, 12th 12:00 AM 2020 in Marine

We would recommend the Drager CF15 15 minute Escape Set!

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CCTV Surveillance - Networked Infra Red Camera and Recording Media available from IM&M!

October, 6th 12:00 AM 2020 in Marine

Due to an increasing demand for retrofit CCTV security and surveillance on vessels, IM&M in conjunction with Hikvision can supply intelligent and innovative leading CCTV surveillance networked Safe Area or Explosion Proof Infra-Red, Thermal, Ex Cameras.

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Are you looking for Industrial UV, UV/IR and IR3 Flame Detectors?

September, 10th 12:00 AM 2020 in Marine

Best in class Industrial UV, UV/IR and IR3 Flame Detectors! • More than 85% of Flame Detectors are actually mounted in zone 2 - div 2 or safe area. Why spend money on expensive zone 1 - div 1 Detectors when you don't really need it? • SENSE-WARE flame detectors detect 0.09 m2 (1 sqft) n-Heptane flames at a distance up to 23 m (75 ft) for UV and UV/IR and 35 m (115 ft) for the IR3. More than enough for more than 95% of the applications where Flame detectors are used. • SENSE-WARE UV, UV/IR and IR3 Flame Detectors are CPR/EN54-10 certified and FM class 3260 approval for performance. Independent third party testing imparts safe ownership.

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The Fastest Way to Repair a Pipe Under Pressure!

September, 1st 12:00 AM 2020 in Marine

The Rapid Response Clamp, Installs Within 15 Seconds!

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The New IS530.1 ATEX Zone 1 Smartphone, could offer an ideal solution for SIRE Inspections in the current, COVID-19 travel restriction situation.

August, 27th 12:00 AM 2020 in Marine

If you have worked on tanker ships or are remotely associated with them, then you would know about the highly challenging ship inspections known as SIRE Inspections. These inspections are normally conducted by an inspector called the SIRE Vetting Inspector.

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IM&M brand partnership with Wolf Safety , proud to supply the Hilary P Beriff Lifeboat!

August, 19th 12:00 AM 2020 in Marine

Here at IM&M love to see the products we have supplied in action with our customers, we were recently sent this amazing shot of the Wolf ATEX approved flood bank lighting , supplied to the Humber Independent Life Boat Charity for their rescue boat the Hilary P Beriff.

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Did you know that IM&M are an approved service centre for Portable Tank Measuring Systems?

January, 30th 12:00 AM 2020 in Marine

Team Movember have raised £465!

November, 28th 12:00 AM 2019 in

Marine Potable Water Test Kits - Is Your Crew Safe?

June, 4th 12:00 AM 2019 in Marine

Fully Compliant! Legislation Made Easy! Non Complicated!

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Free logo printing available on any MSA V-Gard Hard Hat purchased, limited time special offer!

May, 16th 12:00 AM 2019 in Industrial

FREE Front Logo Printing on orders of 40+ MSA Helmets!

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Our Best Selling, Confined Entry, 4 Gas, Portable Gas Detector, at our most competitive price!

May, 9th 12:00 AM 2019 in Industrial

Introducing our best-selling, confined space entry, MSA Altair 4XR Gas Detector!

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EH40 Legislation Update!

September, 6th 12:00 AM 2018 in Industrial

Substances to be added to EH40 (work place exposure limits) in August 2018.

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We are recruiting for a Full Time Export Administrator!

August, 8th 12:00 AM 2018 in Industrial

We are recruiting for an Export Administrator, would you like be part of our growing team dealing with day to day functions within our busy sales department? Please email: for further information

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Moustaches now fully grown for Movember!

November, 30th 12:00 AM 2017 in Industrial

This year’s IM&M Movember team Jason, Dave, Jack, Paul, Simon, Gareth and Matt are ready for a shave tonight!

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Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child Shoe Boxes packed and ready for drop off!

November, 16th 12:00 AM 2017 in Marine

The team at IM&M have been busy preparing, shopping and filling shoe boxes for this years Samaritan's Purse Christmas Shoe Box appeal!

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The Ideal solution for testing your Flame Detector available now at IM&M!

November, 16th 12:00 AM 2017 in Marine

The Sense-Ware Universal Test Lamp, easy to operate, rechargeable, carry case and long range!

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IM&M proud to be taking part in Movember!

November, 1st 12:00 AM 2017 in Marine

It’s almost that time of year when some of the guys here at IM&M get strange growths on their faces Don’t panic !!! Its Movember

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IM&M Raises Money for Demelza House Children's Hospice

August, 6th 12:00 AM 2015 in Civils & Utilities

IM&M, a leading supplier of gas detection and safety monitoring equipment, is pleased to promote our sustainability and CSR programs through a number of activities. Please read more about one of our programs to support the families of children is hospices here.

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Safety Detection Solutions from an ISO 9001 Supplier

August, 6th 12:00 AM 2015 in Food & Beverage

IM&M is proud to have achieved our ISO 9001 certification as a mark of our commitment to continually providing our stakeholders with excellent, consistent service. Please read more about how we achieved our ISO 9001 certification.

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Update to IMO Safety Regulations on Ships

August, 4th 12:00 AM 2015 in Marine

If you work in the marine industry, the new SOLAS regulation X1-1/7 for working in enclosed spaces will probably affect you. Here we provide you with an overview of how the regulation update will affect you and how to prepare your safety monitoring equipment on board your ships.

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Safety in Confined Spaces

August, 4th 12:00 AM 2015 in Industrial

If you or your employee repairs or monitors areas of a building or vehicle, it is very important to understand assess whether areas being entered classify as a confined space. This article defines a confined space, identifies common problems entering enclosed spaces and advises how to improve safety in confined spaces.

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Website Launch

April, 13th 12:00 AM 2015 in Industrial

IM&M is pleased to announce the launch of our new website! The new site allows customers to buy gas safety solutions and other safety equipment online. Please read more here to find out other new and exciting features on the new website.

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Management Buy Out

September, 25th 12:00 AM 2014 in Industrial

Mark Westerman buys out IM&M Ltd. Please read more about his vision for the companies future here.

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