IM&M Meter Tracker / Rotation

Welcome to IM&M's Meter Tracker Facility which allows customers to log in and track (through an equipment tagging process) product servicing, replacements and calibration schedules.

Easy, low cost, secure, hassle free, portable gas detection 'Meter Tracking' system to and from your vessels - all-inclusive support management by IM&M Ltd. Meter Tracker is 100% managed, portable gas detection equipment rotation by IM&M for your entire fleet. A secure online facility allows both shipping and ship management operatives, Superintendents, Master and Chief Engineers to monitor vessel requirements, see at a glance what gas detection and other safety equipment they have onboard, when it was issued, and more importantly when it is next due shore service and calibration or replenishment.

Established for over 30 years, IM&M's proven 'Meter Tracking' system provides:

  • Proactive supply and maintenance of gas detection equipment across multiple fleet requirements
  • Significant cost savings across all departments
  • High quality easy to use gas monitors or use existing
  • Access to valuable inspection data to comply with vessel inspection protocol
  • Dedicated customer contract log in 'Web Access'
  • Damaged meters replaced and serviced or exchanged under manufacturers warranty
  • Maritime legislation compliant
  • A variety of brands, equipment and accessories to one point of contact for calibration
  • Reduced invoices, administration and more economies of scale through one global point of contact
  • Reduced inventory of gas monitors, consumable equipment and management spares
  • Your gas detection assets are full managed with tractability and precision identification
  • Managed calibration certificates and ease of access prior to vessel inspections
  • 24 hour / 365 day technical advice on any / all aspects of portable gas detection
  • Training and simplified instructions available

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