Meter Tracking

Welcome to IM&M's Meter Tracker Facility which allows customers to log in and track (through an equipment tagging process) product servicing, replacements and calibration schedules.

Meter Tracker is a secure online facility designed by IM&M Ltd that allows a Shipping / Ship Management Company, Superintendant, Master/ Chief Engineer access a vessel [LPG, LNG or Dry Cargo] under contract and to see at a glance what gas detection and other safety equipment they have on board, when it was issued and when it is due for service, calibration or replacement. It can also assist to check rotation due dates, calibration certificates and access to simplified instructions etc

It can also provide valuable information for when inspections are carried out on a vessel

All portable gas detection equipment is tagged and bar coded to create a record of each particular instrument. This information is then uploaded, stored and maintained on a secure website. Access can be obtained by using a unique customer login-in number.

Access Meter Track

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